In Safe Hands

Male Babysitter

Did you even think this ad through before you hit the submit button? I could be wrong, but I’m fairly certain your name just got put on the watch list of potential child predators and Chris Hansen may come knocking at your door. Nothing about this ad sounds legitimate. Nothing.

Good luck finding someone who will trust you with their child  If you really insist on following through with this male babysitting dream job, you seriously need to start over with this ad and DO NOT include any of the following statements (or anything similar);

  • My experience with children is far from limited.
  • I would be willing to accept less pay than the standard babysitter.
  • My resume includes volunteering in local preschool class.
  • I am willing to play all kinds of games with your children and keep them active throughout the day.
  • I know what it takes to take care of children from ages of 1 years of age and up.
  • I ensure that your children will be in safe hands.
  • You will not regret it!

Let’s try this again and do our best not to sound too eager about being around children.

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