Hot girl with a nice body

Young Girl with a Nice Body

I can only assume you’re not serious about this ad. You can’t be. Unless you’re willing to shell out a fair amount of cash, you, sir, are in no position to be making any kind of demands with a request like this. Let’s step into the real world for a minute and think about the possibilities of you finding a girl to hook up with tonight who is…

  1. Young
  2. Hot
  3. Has a great body
  4. Sitting at home on a Saturday night reading CL ads

If, by this general description, you are referring to a chick who resembles the guy who plays Mike on the CBS hit comedy series “Mike and Molly”… You may, indeed get lucky.


This ad reminds me that I should post one for myself asking if anyone with a 1961 Ferrari 250 GT is willing to let me take it for a spin one weekend. Which of the two ads do you think would yield better results?

Good luck to you, sir.