Another Late Monday Review

Hello, my friends. Yes… It’s Tuesday night and I’m writing a Monday review. To be fair, last night was the BCS National Championship and I opted to have a good time with friends rather than publish a post, so this is what you get. Another late Monday review. You love it!

Once again, I looked for texts or emails from someone asking why I missed a scheduled post, and all I got was crickets. And this…

Speed of SpermThe more you know.

You couldn’t tell by the short number of blog posts that I published this week, but I actually did write quite a bit this weekend. I’m just not sure yet if you’ll see any of it. I haven’t decided. Here’s what you did see.

  • Adult Winnie the Pooh Costume – This costume is terribly creepy and weird, but dammit I want one. I can already imagine all the brilliant fun I could have! Someone please buy this for me.
  • SHOVE IT RIGHT UP YOUR LIBERAL ASS – I totally understand how this guy feels (my ads get flagged all the time), but this guy takes it to another level! Are you seriously blaming Obama for this?
  • Nice, Firm Body – You didn’t know about this one, did you? I snuck it in right before I started typing this post. It’s another His / Her missed connections short story. You really don’t have to read it.

All right, you liberal bastards; don’t forget about the damn FB fan page. I’d like to encourage you to like it, but I already know… You’re embarrassed and a little ashamed. I’m ashamed to run it! Keep checking it for crazy, useless crap.

Here’s something you might find amusing. I laughed when I saw this. WordPress is pretty good about telling me how you guys get to my page. Some click on a link through FB, a few from my quickly flagged advertisement ads on CL, and one or two through search engines, like this one…

my neighbor pussy

“my neighbor pussy”? Someone, somewhere, did a search for “my neighbor pussy” and ended up on this blog. Wow! Is it sad that I’m almost flattered?


OK, enough about me… Do you want to see a couple of random crazy ads? Sure you do! Let’s see what I can pull out of my desktop junk folder.

Rape Fantasy

I hate to be the one to tell you this, buddy, but you’ve been reading way too much porn lately and it’s time for you to join us back here in reality where women don’t actually answer ads on CL volunteering to have a random stranger bust into her house and rape her. Who the fuck told you this ad would work?

Rest Area

This had to be a comical display. Oh, to be a fly on the wall at the Walker rest area that lovely afternoon. I guess the scene from “There’s Something about Mary” was true; Highway rest areas really are bath houses for for many, many, many, many gay men.

Jeff Gordon Coffin

Coffin Pic

The fuck! How is this a “fabulous man cave item”? I suppose if you’re a big time Jeff Gordon fan, I can almost see it, but would you really nap in this damn thing?

On the DL

I’m not gonna lie. This ad actually makes the idea of man on man sausage play sound pretty bad ass. Only in Detroit could this happen.

***In case you didn’t know (because I’m all about sharing useless info with you tonight), this CL ad represents the true meaning of the phrase “down low”.

Down Low


Have a good night, my friends. Talk to you soon!

Full Monte

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