Perfect Nice Work Van

 Van Ad

Good evening to you, sir. I must say I’m very intrigued by this superior vehicle you have for sale. I’ve been in the market for a van similar to this one for some time now and I believe I’m ready to move forward with my purchase. I hope you still have it available. Obviously, I need to be smart about my decision, so please allow me to ask a few questions before we make plans to give this baby maker and test run.

 Van Front

1) How quiet is the vehicle when it’s driving? If you happened to be cruising through a city park (for example) in the early morning hours when joggers start passing through, would the van draw a lot of attention?

Van Back View

2) Based on this picture, it looks like someone half ass spray painted the windows to match the exterior color. Is there any visibility in the van or did that coat of paint pretty much eliminate any chance that an individual might be able see inside the van?

Van Inside

3) The shelving in the interior of the van looks well-crafted and I assume you utilized the space well with ropes or chains or duct tape or what have you… I’m just guessing. I don’t know you or your hobbies, so I can’t really say, but I can appreciate the need for such a convenient space saving shelving unit. How sturdy are those hooks I see mounted to the plywood on the left? If enough pressure was placed on them, could they be broken off?

Van pic side

4) I see you also have the side windows painted to enhance privacy. If the van was sitting in a Wal-Mart parking lot in the evening, would it be obvious to the woman parked next to you that someone was inside the van? How hard do you think it would be to mount obscured cameras to the side of the van shown in this view?

Van Interior

5) How much difficulty would you have jumping in and out of those seats if you happened to be in a situation where you needed to bail quickly? Does the engine crank up immediately or have you had issues in the past where it maybe hesitated for a few seconds?

I may just go ahead and stop by to look at the van the next time I’m in the Waterbury area. I’m really not supposed to be in that whole general vicinity since that afternoon when someone reported a suspicious white male spending too much time at the Girl Scout cookies table. Excuse me for enjoying a good thin mint every once in a while! I’m sure you have similar stories, you old goat! As long as we agree to meet somewhere at least 500 feet away from a high school, I think it’ll be OK.

Let me know your schedule and lets see what we can work out. Ill be in touch.

One more question, do you happen to know a good snack distributor who can get amazing deals on boxes of candy if I were to buy in bulk?

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